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Whether you have sustained an injury as a result of an Auto Accident, Dog Bite, Slip and Fall (Premises Liability Actions), Assault, Products Liability or any of the countless unfortunate situations that may have caused you personal injury, call The Law Office of Nicholas A. Moschella, Jr, LLC today for a FREE CONSULTATION at (732) 930-3482. There are no fees or costs associated with handling your case unless and until we first recover some amount of compensation on your behalf. We understand the pain and peril that comes along with enduring any type of injury that leaves you with Medical Bills, lost wages from employment, serious health concerns but most importantly; the stress and strain on yourself as well as your family and loved ones. We can help begin to address your of your immediate needs while preparing and assessing the damages owed to you as a result of your injury. Call 24/7 for answers to any questions you may have regarding your particular situation, possible claims and ultimately; the best way to present your case most effectively to properly resolve your matter.

Auto Accidents in New Jersey


All claims arising from Motor Vehicle Accidents in New Jersey are handled in the Civil Division of the County Court where the accident took place. These matters are mostly negotiated with Insurance Companies and claims adjusters working for same. Being injured not only creates physical complications, but almost certainly will lead to medical bills, possible insurance premium increases as well as companion expenses involving lost wages and/or costs involved in repairs or replacements of vehicles. All injuries stemming from Automobile Accidents in New Jersey are subject to what is known as the “Verbal Threshold,” which limits the possible recovery on injuries sustained if they are not deemed to be permanent or are only with regard to soft tissue strain and/or sprains.


Insurance Policy restrictions further complicate the value of a case; whether on your own or another involved person’s insurance. The New Jersey Personal Injury Protection (PIP)/”No Fault” statute; N.J.S.A. 39:6A-1, allows payment for a range of benefits, including medical expenses, lost wages (income continuation benefits), essential services, survivor benefits and funeral expenses to certain classes of persons injured in automobile accidents without any consideration of fault. For a claim involving PIP benefits to be successful under an automobile policy, there must be a policy providing PIP benefits that is valid as to the individual making the claim, the claimant must be a member of one of the classes intended to receive benefits under the New Jersey PIP statute and claimant must be able to show that he or she suffered bodily injuries in an accident having a nexus of causation with the use or operation of an automobile.


Your case may also involve another driver who may have not been insured at the time of the accident; leaving you with no recourse through the conventional recovery methods. For cases of this type, there is what is known as Uninsured Motorist or “UIM” Claims that may be explored in place of filing suit against an insurance company. A professional review of your injury to navigate through the possible procedural and legal limitations on your prospective monetary award is vital to the success of any Personal Injury Case; particularly those caused from auto accidents.

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